Hello and thank you for visiting my web site.

Many people ask me if I am a professional photographer. Though this is flattering, my answer is no. I don't aspire to change my hobby into a business full of deadlines, assignments, or worries about what might sell and what not. I like to "run wild and free."

I earn my living as an air traffic controller. I worked at Prague International Airport as a tower and terminal controller for five years. Then I decided to get on the move and learn something new somewhere else. After some time in Luxembourg and Maastricht, I landed in Calgary, the city of cowboys. I worked at Calgary International Airport as a tower controller for 7 years and then the unmistakable itch of a globetrotter hit me again...

Together with my supportive wife, I moved from the heights of snowy peaks to the vast waters of the Great Lakes. Presently, we live in Toronto, our new base to explore different parts of the world.

My wife and I have literally crisscrossed the whole European and North American continents, including some vacation islands like Fuerteventura, Zakynthos, La Palma, Majorca, Crete, Santorini, Saint Martin, Hvar, Aitutaki and others. We have been to so many breathtaking places and there are still so many more to see. Life is too short but every day is a great day to live!

"I will go on and on, until, sooner or later, I reach the end of the horizon."

inspired by Everett Ruess, the vagabond for natural beauty